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18th August 2018
Photos of Hope St headstones added

12th April 2018
Concerns about the John Mercer Family Tree

11th April 2018
Will of Robert Hindle 1820 died 1822

16th March 2017
Barrett's Directories 1909, 1912, 1915 added

23rd March 2016
St Huberts Burials 1896 - 1938 added

7th March 2016
St Hubert's Burials 1860 - 1895

17th November 2015
Monumental Inscriptions from Our Lady and St Hubert's

7th October 2015
Years 1916 - 1950 added to Our Lady and St. Hubert's marriages

5th August 2015
Edits and additions to Wills

8th May 2015
Tenant list of the enclosed Great Harwood Moor 1762 edited

6th May 2015
The Will Of John Mercer of Coulden 1669 edited

7th April 2015
Baptisms and Introduction added from the Registers of Dunkenhalgh and St Mary's

5th March 2015
St Bartholomew's Baptisms, Marriages and Burials reformatted

9th February 2015
Cowden Farm, Cunliffe Families and map of Cunliffe lands removed for editing

7th January 2015
Our Lady & StHubert's Marriages 1861 - 1914 added

24th December 2014
Our Lady & St Hubert's Baptisms 1857 - 1914 edited and completed

15th November 2014
Our Lady & St Hubert's Baptisms 1857 - 1900 added

26th August 2014
Amended St Bartholomew's Hope Street Grave Yard records added

31st January 2014
Greenhill Playground updated

5th January 2014
Corrections made to Marriages

16th April 2013
Hope Street grave yard records removed for checking

15th April 2013
Corrections made to Tenant list of the enclosed Great Harwood Moor 1762

23rd August 2012
New Town Crier added

20th August 2012
GHHS stand and display at the Jubilee Fair

13th January 2012
1763 lease, Alexander Nowell to Robert Hindle for three lives

31st August 2011
Four new 'lives' added to Reminiscences and Life Stories

13th August 2011
New page about the local Cunliffe families and map of their leased lands in Gt Harwood

21st June 2011
More Cunliffe wills added

7th June 2011
New information about Ryley's Tenement added to Dog and Otter

5th May 2011
Corrections made to Baptisms

27th March 2011
Corrections made to Marriages

7th February 2011
Photo of Hope Street cemetery added (not good was a grey day)

27th December 2010
New photo of Elias Berry's and other shops at the top of Queen Street
New photo of Mercer Memorial Unveiling Ceremony
New photo of Blackburn Road to Queens Hotel

21st December 2010
Baines Directory 1825 added

Revised site uploaded 9th December 2010

Baptisms 1813 to 1900 added Marriages 1813 to 1900 added Burials now from 1813 to 1900
Hope Street Burials added
Maps of Great Harwood in 1603 and 1763 added
Shooting accident added to Lomax page
More photos of Martholme added
Additions to Memorial Park and Garden of Remembrance
Building on the Bottom Rec !
Photos added to Dean Lane
New photo of Harwood Moor
New photo in From the Moor
Cotton edited
Brick Kiln reworked
New photos of the Congregational Church site and St John's
Further confirmation that John Taylor was an alehouse keeper
New maps showing the positions of various buildings and open spaces in town
Photos of the Town Criers added


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