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Land Tax 1782


Reproduced with permission of the Lancashire Record Office.

Reference: QDL/1782/B/37

"A Land Tax was imposed from 1692 to 1831, and was made perpetual in 1797. Between 1780 and 1831 returns were sent to the Clerk of the Peace for the Quarter Sessions. They consist of lists of houses and their owners and occupiers, and the tax paid. Returns were made every spring. The usual rate was 4 shillings in the pound."
Richardson, J - The Local Historian's Encyclopedia


Higher Township

Proprietors   Occupiers   Sum Assessed
Squire Hesketh   William Turner for Leashes £13 2s 8d
Thomas Hindle Harwood Thomas Hindle     11s 1d
Thomas Hindle   Ambrose Peacop     1s 11d
Thomas Thompson   Thomas Thompson     1s 11d
Christopher Hindle   David Hays     2s 3d
William Mercer Lowerfold William Mercer     5s 7d
Thomas Hindle   Jas. Boardwell     6s 8d
Thomas Hindle Barlows Thomas Smith     4s 6d
Lawrence Hindle   Thomas Smith     4s 2d
Robert Cross   Robert Cross     2s 7d
Squire Hesketh   Mrs. Elleray       8d
Thomas Morehouse   Jon. Haworth       8d
Widow Crithley   Henry Whittaker     3s  
Geo. Fowler   Geo. Fowler     4s 6d
William Hindle Hindle Fold John Hindle     13s  
Christopher Hindle   Thomas Mercer     4s 2½d
Christopher Hindle   Thomas Mercer Lands   6s 6d
Edward Pickles   Thomas Chatburn     2s 4½d
William Peacop   William Peacop     5s 4½d
Thomas Mercer Tanner Thomas Mercer [1]     8s  
Thomas Mercer Tanner Jon. Calvert     4s 6d
Thomas Taylor   Thomas Taylor     8s 1½d
Thomas Cunliff   Thomas Cunliff     4s 8½d
James Hoyle   James Hoyle [2]     7s 11d
John Wiggan   Thomas Peacop     7s 10d
James Procter   James Procter     1s 2d
Jon. Mercer Squires John Mercer     8s 4d
Thomas Mercer Hag sike Thomas Mercer [3]     8s 11d
Jon. Sudele   Robert Bradel        
Do. Jacksons 9s 4d
2s 3d
    11s 7d
Richard Sudel   James Holker     ? ?
James Dewhurst   James Dewhurst        
Do. Smithey Coats
(Cornber or
Comben ?)
2s 4d
1s 3d
    3s 7d
Thomas Fielden   Thomas Fielden     4s 4½d
Jon. Fielden   Jon. Fielden     4s 4½d
Jon. Smalley   Jon. Smalley Fearley Hey   4s 5d
Jon. Noblet   Henry Walsh     3s 11½d
James Procter Senior James Procter Senior   2s 5½d
Thomas Smalley   William Ellison     4s  
Jon. Smalley   John Smalley Thorn   3s 8d
Christopher Hindle   John Lund Whittles   7s 7d
Jon. Taylor   Richard Taylor [4]     8s 8d
Francis Edleston   Francis Edleston       10d
Richard Edleston   Richard Edleston     2s 2d
James Horrobin   Henry Aspden       10d
Andrew Sharples   Andrew Sharples     1s 1½d
Jon. Leigh   Lawrence Sharples     8s 8d
Nathaniel Edleston   Nathaniel Edleston     2s 6½d
Jon. Livesey   Jon. Livesey     1s 6d
Jon. Smalley   Thomas Clayton     3s 4d
Franc Clayton   Franc Clayton     2s 9½d
William Aspden   William Aspden     1s 9d
Nathaniel Haydock   Nathaniel Haydock     2s  
Mrs. Sale   Jeffery Brogden     8s 8d
James Bertwistle   James Bertwistle     2s  
Mrs. Sale   James Haworth     5s  
Jon. Mercer Banks         10d
William Turner Tythe       8s 10d
Docter Chew   Docter Chew     1s 6d
Jon. Walmsley   Robert Mercer Cock     10d

William Townson Officer of Exise 2/3 of his sallary £4
Totall £18 18s 7d

Assessors William Mercer Edmund Dugdale         Jno. Hindle
Collectors William Mercer Edmund Dugdale


Lower Town

Proprietors   Occupiers   Sum Assessed
Jno. Smalley   William Bentley     13s 4d
Robert Isherwood   Thomas Hindle     6s 7d
Mr. Lomax   James Fielding     5s 10½d
Esq. Lomax   Jno. Birtwistle     5s 2½d
Christopher Hindle   Nathaniel Aspden       9d
Robert Isherwood   Jno. Dugdale     5s 7½d
Mr. Richard Cottam   Jno. Smith     7s 9½d
Mr. Greenwood   William Mercer     3s 7d
Robert Isherwood   Lawrence Walmsley     4s 3½d
Mr. Richard Cottam   Jno. Fouldes     5s 2½d
Jno. Smalley   James West     9s ½d
Jno. Aldroyd   Thomas Dean     5s 8d
Doctor Hall   Widow Hindle     2s 10½d
Whalley School prop.   Abram Shaw     1s 10½d
Jno. Smalley   Henry Aspden     2s  
Esq. Lomax   Lawrence Walmsley     5s 8d
Mr. Richard Cottom   James Walmsley     5s 8d
Edward Mercer   Robert Walmsley     3s 9½d
Roger Fielding   Jno. Cronshaw     3s 9½d
Esq. Lomax   William Birtwistle     3s 3d
Esq. Lomax   Robert Birtwistle     5s 2½d
William Bridges (?)   Jno. Holgate     1s 1½d
Mr. Richard Cottam   Jno. Heys [5]     2s 10d
Esq. Lomax   Robert Mercer     1s 2d
John Hoyle   Jonathan Calvert     3s 7d
Whalley School prop.   James Kenyon     3s 7d
James Smith   Charles Haworth       7d
Robert Calvert   Robert Swain Jnr.     1s 8d
Thomas Calvert   Jno. Calvert     1s 9½d
Jno. Mercer   Jno. Mercer     1s 1½d
Henry Haworth   Jno. Haworth       9½d
Jno. Smalley   Jno. Hargreaves       9½d
Jno. Livesey   James Hindle     2s 5½d
Stephen Bannister   Stephen Bannister     1s 2d
Robert Haughton   James Haughton     8s 4d
Jno. Smalley   Jno. Brooks     1s  
William Peacop   William Peacop       4d
Jno. Smalley   Robert Hindle     1s  
Thomas Mercer   James Hindle     1s 8d
Esq. Lomax   Robert Baron       6½d
Robert Swain   Robert Swain Senior     1s 2d
Edward Pickles   Edward Pickles     2s 9½d
William Turner   Tythe     4s 5½d
Esq. Lomax   Dr. Hayhurst       6½d

Mr. Townson excise officer ½ sallery £2
Total £9 9s 3d

Assessors William Mercer Edmund Dugdale
Collectors William Mercer Edmund Dugdale


[1] Tan House

[2] Cowden

[3] Eggsike

[4] Riley Hey

[5] Bellmount


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