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Doc Ref. IR 106/165, National Archives (UK)
Tithe survey for Great Harwood 15th June 1847 by James Townsend of Buckinghamshire.
Extract by Trevor Swain.

Throughout all the titheable lands of Great Harwood there is due and payable each and every year .
For every cow one penny in lieu of the tithe of milk of such cow.
And for every seventh calf of the same occupier seven shillings and for every seventeenth calf fourteen shillings in lieu of the tithes of calves .
For every swarm of bees one penny in lieu of the tithes of wax and honey.
For every foal one penny in lieu of the tithe of foals.
For every lamb under seven of the same occupier one halfpenny, when there are seven two shillings, when there are seventeen four shillings and so on in lieu of the tithe of lambs.
When there is a brood of seven goslings one is due, and at seventeen two are due in lieu of the tithe of geese.
For every seventh pig of each farmer in summer two shillings and sixpence, and for every seventeenth five shillings, and for the same in winter two shillings and four shillings in lieu of the tithe of pigs.
For every hen one egg and for every cock two eggs in lieu of the tithe of poultry.


Schedule A  
Name of landowner Occupier Quantity

  a r p
James Lomax Himself and others 1493 3 5
John Lomax Himself and others 1030 3 34
Thomas Turner Mercer Joseph Mercer 9
John Smalley Himself 3 5
Trustees of John Pickup Themselves and others 14 2
Rev Robert Dobson Himself 12 1 7
James Smalley Himself 24 2 22
Trustees of L Rushton John Boardman
Themselves and others
8 2 6
Schedule B  
Name of Improprieter Occupier Quantity Rent
    a r p £ s d
James Lomax James Fielden 2 3 19 2 4 0

James Lomax
Thomas Sharples 20 1 29 2 0 0

John Taylor

George Leigh
William Aspden
105 1 14 10 10 0

Trustees of Harwood School

William Mastler
John Mercer
12 1 1 1 4 0

Overseers of the Township of Whalley
for the time being

William Shaw
John Mercer

18 1 3 1 17 0


History > Documents > Tax Lists > Tithe 1847


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