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The Will Of John Cunliffe 1679
Lancashire Record Office
WCW/1679/Cunliffe, John

In the name of God Amen. The eight day of September in the yeare of our Lord God one thousand six hundred seventie and nine, I, John Cunliffe of Harwood Magna in the Countie of Lancaster, Clothier, being infirme in bodie but of good and perfect emorie thanks be to God, doe constitute ordaine and make this my last Will and Testament in manner and forme ensuinge, First and principally I commend my soule into the hands of Almightie God my Maker, Redeemer and Sanctifier, hoping through the meritorious death and bitter passion of my Saviour Jesus Christ to be one of his elect. Next my bodie to Christian buriall, to be interred at the discretion of my friends and executers hereafter nominated. And as for those worldie goods it hath pleased Almightie God to bestow upon me, I do dispose therof as followeth, First my Will and mind is that all my goods Cattells and Chattellls be devided into three equall parts or portions, one part whereof I give to my wife Isabell, another to my Children, and out of the other third part to discharge my debts and funerqall expenses and the remainder thereof I give likewise to my Children to be equally divided amongst them Likewise my mind and Will is that my wife and Children remaine altogether in the house wherin now they doe live, during the tearme of the Lease, but if it fortune that my wife Isabell doe alter he condition of being my wife, either by marriage or otherwise, then my minde and will is that immediately she lease the house, not to stay in aine parte thereoff as alsoe to renounce hereby all or aine parte of the tenement, belonging to the said house, and but onlie to have her parte of the goods. And lastly I doe hereby Constitue ordaine and make Richard Cunliffe, and Martin my Sons Executors of this my last will and Testament, hoping they will performe the same according to the trust and confidence I doe repose in them.
In witnes wherof I have hereunto put my hand and seale that day and yeare first above Written
John Cunliffe
Sealed signed and declared to be the last will and testament of John Cunliffe abovesaid in the sight presence of us Thomas Mercer
John Heaton
Jon. ?

A true and perfect Inventory of all the Goods Chatlells and Cattells of John Cunliffe late of Harwood Magna, deceased valued and Apprized the Second day of Aprill 1691 by Thomas Cotham, Thomas Merce,r John Shephard, and Edward Mercer.

  £ s d  
Impremis 2 cowes one horse and Hay 6 0 0  
Item in Husbandry Geare 0 8 0  
Item in Cloth 4 14 9  
Item Ten stones and a halfe of wool 6 8 3  
Item in wollen yarne 3 8 1  
Item in Worke Tooles belonging to the wollen Trade 3 8 0  
In the House        
Item 6 chaires 7 stooles 16 cushions 2 tables 2 formes and a dishboard 0 17 ?  
Item one fire Iron 2 pair on Tounges one Spitt with other odd things about the fire 0 6 ?  
Item in brass and pewteur 1 4 ?  
Item on frying pan 0 ? ?  
In the Milkhouse        
Item on Litle Table 2 chists and wodden vessell 1 11 ?  
In the Chamber over the Milkhouse        
Item 2 pair of Bedstockes one Table with beding to the said Bedd 1 16 ?  
In the Parlor        
Item in Lininge 0 18 0  
Item in Meale 2 8 0  
Item in Beife   15 0  
In the Chamber over the Parlor        
Item one pair bedstocks bedings belonging to the same with a little ?   18 0  
Item in books   3 0  
Item in Haslements   2 6  
Item the Testators purse and apparell 11 8 0  
Item the Term of the Lease being 2 yeares 2 13 4  
Money owing to the Testator by        
Elline West 0 1 6  
Item Widdow Rishton 0 1 1  
Item Henry ? 0 9 2  
Item George Heaton 0 14 7  
Item James Roberts 1 8 0  
Item Henry ? 0 14 3  
Item Gabriell Kilshaw 2 5 0  
Item Thomas Wilkington 0 13 4  
Item Roger Ingham 0 3 0  
Item Edward Crampton 0 4 0  
Item Richard Chew of Whitehams 0 4 0  
Item Thomas Brown 0 9 0  
Item Samuell Brooks 0 5 0  
Item Thomas Mercer of Squires 0 0 6  
Item Raph Witton 0 2 7  
The totall is 57 5 3  


Thomas Cottam
Thomas Mercer
Edward Mercer
Jon. Sheperd


History > Documents > Will abstracts > Cunliffe 1679


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