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The Will of William Mercer 1613
Lancashire Record Office
WCW/1613/Mercer, William

In the name of god Amen the nine twentieth daie of September in the eleventh yeare of the raigne of our soveragine Lord James by the grace of god kinge of England France and Ireland defender of the faith and of Scoteland the seaventh and fourtieth I William Mercer of Harwood in the County of Lancaster yeoman being sicke in body but whole in mynd and of good and perfect remembrance praised be God do make this my last will and testament in Manner and forme following. First and principally I give and bequeath my soule to almighty God my Maker and Redeemer by whose Merits death and passion I trust to be saved and my body to be buried with the Chappell of Harwood as nere to Elizabeth my wife as can be convenient. Item I give to my Brother Thomas Mercer one peece of gold conteyning eighteene shillings and I give to John Mercer Christopher Edward Grace and Jenet Mercer my Childen to each of them eighteene shillings in gold and to Thomas Mercer my son two peeces of gold eyther of them Conteyninge eighteen shillings. Item I give to the wife of Roger Feildene one peece of gold conteyning Fiteeen shillings. Item I give to Robert Feildene son of Roger Feildene twelve pence. Item I will that the rest of my good be divided into two parts the one parte to my self and other parte to my children. That is to say to John Thomas Christopher Edward Grace and Jenet Mercer to be equallly divided amongst them. Item I will that my parte of goods my funerall expenses discharged be equallie divided amongst Christopher Edward Grace and Jenet Mercer and lastly I constitue ordaine and make Roger Feildene and Thomas Mercer my sone my true and faithfull executors to this my last will and testament performed fulfilled and duely executed as my faith in them.

These beinge witness
Lanslet Maser
William Maser his sone

A true and perfecte inventory of all the goodesand chattells of William Mercer of Harwood in the Countie of Lancaster yeoman deceased prised by these foure Richard Mercer Christopher Mercer John [ ] and Thomas Mercer the xxxth daie of October 1613

Impremis two yocke of Oxen and one steare xxiiii li    
Item Nyne kyne and one twinter and one stirk xxxiiii li    
Item two horses and one Mare vii li x s  
Item thirtie nyne sheepe ix li xv s  
Item two swine   liii s iiii d
Item corne and hay xxxiiii li    
Item in Meale and Mault   xxvi s viii d
Item in Cutt groats   ii s vi d
Item in bief and Bacon   xx s  
Item Wain and ploughs harrowes wheles
spoaks fells and yoakes
  xl s  
Item in all manner of iron geare viz one iron Chimney
one gavellocke wimble spits spades hacks hachets
and all other
  xl s  
Item in Ark chists one Ammery and one deske viii li    
Item in potts panes and pincer viii li    
Item in all manner of beddinge with shets xvii li vi s viii d
Item in lynnen and canvas yarne   xl s  
Item in Wooll xi li iiii s  
Item in troughes basons and [ches-alts or chessa-ts]   xlviii s  
Item seives and scotles   vii s iiii d
Item in stande knopps tubbes one [da ] one charn   xx s  
Item in Collecks and piggins   x s  
Item two great knoppes   xx s  
Item one dishcracth dishes Bottles cannes
piggins noggins with two flasketts and other Jugs
  vii s  
Item in stone troughs   ix s  
Item in butter and chese   lx s  
Item in secks and one window shette   xl s  
Item one bakings stone   ii s  
Item one heicle     xii d
Item 3 packe saddles with ovrlayes wantones
packet and one hagney saddle
  xiii s iiii d
Item chares Quissings   x s  
indecipherable- but possibly cheese press with
the [ ] bord
  xxx s viii d
Item two formes     xii d
Item one chaire   xvi s  
Item in earthen potts   ii s  
Item 7 bedstocks   xxvi s viii d
Item one Tanned hide   x s  
Item in Bees   x s  
Item in hens and geese   xii s  
Item two metts of salte   iiii s  
Item in Coales   vi s  
Item two spinninge wheles and two paire of cardes   v s  
Item two picks     xii d
Item in flax     xii d
Item one Cocknett with Roopes     xii d
Item William Mercer his apparell   xl s  
Item in silver spones   lxv s  
Item in gold x li    
Item in Mony xii s viii d  
Sum ciiixix li iii s x d
Debts owinge unto Mr. William Mercer      
Impremis John Mercer xxx li    
Item Roger Feilden x li    
Item Edmond [ ] x li vi s viii d
Item Robert Fletcher   liii s iiii d
Item Lancelott Mercer v li    
Item William Duckworth   xxv s ii d
Item James Browne   xxx s  
Item Richard Mercer   lxvi s viii d
Item Thomas Holker   ix s  
Item Grace Mercer   v s  
Vx. Richard Ingham   xii s  
Item ux. Robert Law   iiii s  
Item John Dugdall   ii s vi d
Item John Smyth   ii s  
Item Christopher Feilden   ii s  
Item ux. Radi. Guest     xx d
Sum total cclxv li iii s x d
where of owinge ix li   xx d
And so Rem. cclvi li ii s ii d


History > Documents > Will abstracts > Mercer 1613


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