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Will of Thomas Mercer 1625
Lancashire Record Office
WCW/1625/Mercer, Thomas

In the name of God Amen. The fifteenth daie of Julie. And in the yeare of our Lord God one thousand six hundred twentie and Four of Thomas Mercer of Much Harwood in the Countie of Lancaster husbandman being sicke in bodie but of good and perfect remembrance thanks be to god. And knowinge that Almightie god hath given mee life conditionallie that I should render the same when it shall please him to call for mee do herefore make this my last will and testament as herein and by thiese [pp ] is mentioned expressesd and declared [p ] render and bequeath my soule into the hands of allmightie god the Savior and redeemer of Mankynde and my bodie to be buried where my auncestors have been accustomed to be buried. Next my Will is that all my goods and Chatlels real and personall shall be divided into three equal parts. Whereof I will that Grace Mercer my wife shall have one equall part to her owne proper use in the name of her purpartie and reasonable part. And the second equal part of all my said goods and Chattells I bequeath to my children equallie to be divided amongst them exemptinge my daughter Elizabeth wife to Henrie Ryley who allreadie hath had her full childs part and filiall porcon. And after I except my second sonne John Mercar unto whom I have assigned one Messuage and tenement to and for his filiall porcion or childs part. Notwithstandinge my meaning was and so I doe herebie Will that whatsoever household goods or other implements of husbandrie and [p ] wheels or such lyke whatsoever are and shalbe at the time of my death in or upon the said assigned Messuage and tenement or in the barne next herebie standinge and which heretofore hath beene accompted as part and parcel of the said assigned Messuage shalbe and belonge unto my said second son John Mercer towards the betterine and makeinge up of his said filiall porcon or childs parte. And the third equall parte of all my said Goods and Chattells I doe will and appoint to be disposed of hereafter.followeth. First my will is that my funeral expenses shalbe paid and dischargd out of this my third part onlie. Then I give and bequeath unto my grand children sonnes and daughters of Alexander Mercer my sonne and Elizabeth my said daughter everie one of them three shillings and four pence. Alsoe I give unto my sister Elizabeth Squires children eache of them three shillings and four pence and to everie one of those whom I am godfather unto six pence a piece. the rest and residueof this my third parte I give and bequeath unto Grace my said wife to the intent she shall bestowe it on my said children according to her discretion, but especiallie upon my youngest son Edward that he behave himself as it becommeth him towards her. Lastlie I nominate and appoint Grace Mercer my said wife my sole and onelie executrix of this my last will and testament hopeinge shee will see it well and trulie performed accordinge to my intent and meaninge and the trust imposed on her Renouncinge all other forms and wills heretofore by mee made. In Witness whereof I have hereunto putt my hand and seale the dai and yeare first above written.

Witness hereof
Edmund Cockshott, Lawrence Hyndle, Thurstan Hyndle, Robert Squire.

A true Inventorie of the goods cattells and Chatells moveable and umoveable of Thomas Mercer of greate Harwood in the countie of Lancaster deceased. Taken and prised by John Holker Edmund Cockshott Nicholas Pollard and Roger Fielden the third of November ano. domini 1625.





Impremis Foure oxen and two seggs xxii li xii s iiii d
Item eight twinter steares xvi li    
Item Two whoye stirks iii li vi s viii d
Item One heyffar   xlv s  
Item Twoe calves   l s  
Item One odd steere iiii li    
Item one Cowe and a Calfe in Simonstone iii li x s  
Item Three kyne one Cowe and a calfe x li    
Item Corne and haie in Whittlebarne xiii li v s viii d
Item in Whittlehouse one arke one Chest one
paire of bedstocks
  xiii s iiii d
Item one Chimney one iron Frame one
spade and a swingletree
  iiii s  
Item three score and Foure sheepe xiii li    
Item Two mares and two colts vii li    
Item at home In oates v li    
Item in barley iii li    
Item in haie iii li    
Item one greate arke in the barne   xlvi s viii d
Item one haie waine and one paire of shodd wheeles   xiii s iiii d
Item two Cowpe waines and two paire of wheeles for them   vi s viii d
Item one Marlinge Cowpe and wheeles for them   iii s iiii d
Item one paire of tenters   xx s  
Item one arke in the stable   iiii s  
Item one paire of bedstocks and one chest   ii s vi d
Item Foure harrows with teeth   vi s viii d
Item six yokes with sling   iii s iiii d
Item One gange of felyes   ii s  
Item Foure loade sadles two wantones and five overlaies   viii s  
Item two plowes   ii s  
Item two paire of iron traces with swingletrees and
other horse furniture
  v s  
Item one gange of speakes   ii s  
Item Fourteene Sowles (?)     xvi d
Item two paire of loomes and furniture for them   xxvi s viii d
Item one paire of Walker sheares   vi s viii d
Item one warping wought and gige     x d
Item one spinninge wheele and one spoile wheele   ii s  
Item one shearebord and one other bord one
Cheespresse three spades twoe shovels and one forke
  vi s viii d
Item one gavelocke one iron mawle and one little one   iiii s  
Item in Woole   xl s  
Item two ould tubs and knop and other implements   iiii s  
Item Ten troughs one charne eleven bazons two tubs   vi s viii d
Item in Sieves and Ridles   iiii s  
Item one seede hopp and other old tubs     xii s
Item one hueinge tub   v s  
Item one Mash tub one gelkor and two flasketts   v s  
Item in brasse and two fryeinge pans   l s  
Item Fyve iron frames and bolts and shakles with a [p]   x s  
Item one paire of rackes three spits one fireiron and
one brandreath
  viii s  
Item three brasse potts   viii s iiii d
Item in Pewter   x s  
Item one greate arke   xlvi s viii d
Item one lesser arke   vi s viii d
Item nyme barrels and staves   vi s  
Item one greate saltinge tubb   x s  
Item one chest   iii s iiii d
Item seven cheesefatts wood bottells two tresle
piggins and cans
  v s  
Item one paire of bedstocks   viii s  
Item two great chests   xiiii s  
Item Foure chaires and old Almerie   iiii s  
Item two coverlets two blankets one paire of sheetes
and bolster one feather bed and one chaff bed
  xxx s  
Item one paire of bedstocks one chest one chaire one presse
for clothes
  vi s viii d
Item Two coverlets two sheet one blankette and one chaff bed   vi s viii d
Item one stand bed   xxiiii s  
Item one other paire of bedstocks   iiii s  
Item one Caddow two Coverletts one blanket two featherbeds one boulster and a Chaff bed   l s  
Item two coverlets one blanket one paire of sheets one bolster one pillow and one chaff bed   x s  
Item Foure coverlets and one paire of blankets   xxv s  
Item nyne secks and two ould winnowclothes   x s viii d
Item two chests and one forme   vi s  
Item one clothe press with paper   v s  
Item in linen and Canvas sheets bord clothes and for pillows with table napkin   xx s  
Item in geese and other pullen   v s  
Item two iron Chimneyes with tongues   iiii s  
Item nyne silver spoons   liiii s  
Item his apparell and money in his purse x li    
Item lowse timber about the house   xx s  
Item in implements and other items in the house   iii s iiii d
Item one haircloth for dryeing corme   xx s  
Item in Pease   xiii s iiii d
Item two coultes and three shares   iiii s  
Item seave Metts of Malt   xxi s  
Item in haie in the Calf cote   iiii s  
Item Foure shearing hookes     xii d
Debts owing to him
Impremis Robert Fletcher x li    
Item John Braddill of Snodworth   liiii s  
Item William Mercer of Simonstone vi li    
Item Robert Duckworth vi li    
Item John Pollard of Christophers   liiii s  
Item John Nowell of Clitheerowe   liiii s iiii d
Item Thomas Hesketh of Martholme   vi s vi d
Item John Feilden of the Bancks   viii s ii d
Item Raphe Whiteheade   xii s  
Item Edward Hargreaves of Simonstone   xii s  
Item Thomas Mercer of the Parke   v s  
Item Edmund Hill of Wiswall   x s  
Item Widow Pollerd of Fosters   iiii s vi d
Item Joan Margerison   v s  

Sum Total Clxxxxii li v s x d

Dr. Mary Higham cast her experienced eyes over this and she thinks that the family were engaged in all the processes of woollen cloth production, including fulling which was unusual.


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