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Bank Mill Community Centre

A run down Bank Mill
Photos taken from almost the same spot

Bank Mill, built in 1844, was the first power mill in Great Harwood. Cotton manufacture finally came to an end in the 1960s and the building was demolished in the early 70s.

Bank Mill House

Completed in 1974 Bank Mill House is a Senior Citizens Centre fronting Church Street.

Lintel stone from Gt Harwood's first power mill




This is beside the steps to the Senior Citizens Centre above.

Somewhat better  Youth Centre




Around the corner on Lowerfold Road and using the original mill entrance is the Youth Centre.

The rest of the site is a grassed area.

Landscaped mill site

Coming over the the bank in the centre of the photo is Nap Brook the small stream that provided the steam power for the mill.
It flows for a few yards more above ground before disappearing into a culvert.

Landscaped mill site from the west

The Community Centres from the bank, Youth left Senior Citizen in the centre.


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Places > Buildings > Community Centres
Places > Parks > Bank Mill



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