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The Manasseh Baron Story

Manasseh Baron Born 1826, Great Harwood, Lancashire England, to Henry Baron and Alice Mercer. Manasseh is the key to all of the family tree.
After much research done by my cousin Paul Baron over in the U K the following came to light. He turned out to be the writers G/G/Grand-Father.
Manasseh Married Alice Crossley in 1852 at Ribchester a small village just out of Preston (Longridge is also in that area) they had 5 children one of which was Mary Alice (born 11/4/1858) the Mother of the writers GrandFather William Henry Baron. Alice Crossley died on 13/5/1860 leaving a very young family of 5 Mary Alice being 3years old at the time.
He then married Mary Ann Whalley at Ribchester on the 30/7/1860 (He did not waste much time, but I suppose he did have a young family) see the red line for information on the children of these two marriages
On the Marriage cert:of Manasseh and Alice Crossley his name is misspelt and he is called Manasseh BARR not BARON but all this has been checked out and is correct.
GOOD JOB HE WAS CALLED MANASSEH and not BILL or TOM or Dick or Harry for Manasseh was a strange name for that period 1826 but it did help!


The Mary Alice Baron Story

It starts in a confusing way.
Mary Alice Baron born 1858 to a Mary Ann Baron (nee Murray) and James Baron of Preston, Lancs., England was not the Mother of William Henry Baron my grandfather?
Then after some research by Paul Baron it was discovered on the wedding certificate of Mary Alice Baron to Tom Connor in 1881 that she named Manassah as her father followed by Paul looking at the church records in the town of Longridge, just out of Preston, he was able to find records relating to the marriage of Manassah (See the Manasseh story) to his first wife Alice Crossley and their (5) children, one of which was a Mary Alice born in 1858, the Mother of William Henry Baron my grandfather.
The 1861 census show's Manasseh, his second wife Mary A (Whalley) and Mary Alice then (age three years) living in the suburb of Bentley Fold, Great Harwood.
In the 1881 census we have Mary Alice Baron living with my grandfather W/H age 1 (Before she married Tom Connor in 1881). The census show's Mary Alice was born in Longridge and was living with W H Baron at 7 Pickup Street, Blackburn, Lancashire England -(Tom Connor lived at number 11).


People > Family History > Family Trees > Manasseh and Mary Alice Baron


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