The field names and their meanings

Park Great Meadow

The northern border is close to Park Farm and this land is probably part of the original 'park' belonging to the Nowell family.

Hilly Dole

Dole is 'Common land divided into shares'; however, 'Hilly' would seem to be ironic as the ground is very flat, being the eastern area of Windsor Road recreation ground, only rising slightly towards the north.


This land borders Harwood Brook and was probably marshy and boggy. The writer can remember that the part that could be accessed from Windsor Road recreation ground was full of reeds.

Park Meadows Again, as with Park Great Meadow, probably part of the original park.

Long Meadow This describes the shape of the field.

Bent A type of grass, but not good grazing.

Bent meadow As above.

Acre This field appears to be just an acre in size.

Holme This means water meadow, (from Old Norse) or riverside land, and this is.

Duxbury Meadow

Land associated, or once associated, with the Duxbury family. There were many families with this name in Great Harwood.

Horsemans Dole Dole being common land divided into shares, perhaps this share given to someone who was a horseman or who looked after horses.

Nook Corner land. This fits that description.

Mill Field Land on which a mill was built. Not possible just from this information to tell what kind of mill might have existed here. Another explanation could be that the land belonged to the mill and that the mill was not located here.

Flatts Either 'level piece of ground' or 'land enclosed from a division of the common field.' Both of these would seem to apply here.

Long Field Describes the shape of this field.

Middle Field Describes the location of the field in relation to Long Field and Little Field.

Little Field Again, simply the size of the field.





Windsor Road Rec

Showing the area of the field called 'Reed'.