William Harrison

In 1841 William Harrison was a butcher at Butts. This was where the slaughter houses were situated - disposing of their waste in the stream flowing down Delph Road and Queen Street. By 1851 he had added grocery to his business and evidently farming by 1854, which is confirmed by the 1861 census when he was at 16 Blackburn Rd. His eldest son, John, was working with him in 1861 while younger son, Thomas, was a carter and agricultural labourer perhaps tending his father's animals and carting his produce.

John had taken over the shop on Blackburn Road by 1871 and was farming 8 acres while his younger brother had set up his own butcher's in Clayton Street. He was still at 16 Blackburn Road in 1878 but the shop had been taken over before 1881.

Thomas, meanwhile, was still working in Clayton Street in1881 but later moved the business to 2 Church Street and eventually was running this shop and the one at 16 Blackburn Road before passing on the business to his son William in the late 1890s.