The Swain family were in Great Harwood from around 1720 and descendants lived at Butts Farm, which later became known as Swain Fold and is behind what is now the Wellington Public House. Access then was from the bottom of Delph Road, but it is now from the end of Edward St.

Margaret Swain's husband, James, was running the farm in 1841 but he died in an accident in 1847. Margaret isn't in the 1851 census for Great Harwood as she was visiting a daughter in Accrington on that day but in that entry she is listed as a farmer of 46 acres. David Swain, farmer of 40 acres, is living at Butts with his wife and his younger brother, Jesse. Whether Margaret and David are referring to the same land isn't clear. Up Delph Road at Stopes was another brother Elisha, an agricultural labourer perhaps working the family lands.

In 1854 Margaret was still farming, as shown by the plan, but David had gone into cattle dealing and butchering and had a grocers shop.

By 1861 Elisha has taken over the house, now also 19 Delph Road, and is farming 28 acres. Jesse is still living there too. Margaret was now living in Accrington and David had bought a butcher's shop in Oswaltwistle

The 1871 census finds Margaret is again living in Great Harwood at 93 Blackburn Road and listed as Retired Farmer, income from 'House Property', so perhaps she still owned the house, 19 Delph Rd. Elisha had moved to the Fylde

Margaret died in 1879 and is buried in a family grave at St Bartholomew's.