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As well as the obvious text links all the photos and images link to larger copies. We're grateful to all the people and organisations who knowingly or unknowingly helped us, a list of them all is at the end, but a special thank you to Susan Wallace for her interest, help and support and especially for the wonderful photographs of each board so you can see what they actually looked like. The photos are even more remarkable considering the limited space between the display boards and the bookshelves, not that I'm suggesting she had any difficulty fitting into the space only that it made photography difficult. As a direct result of the display more information about the Plough was supplied by Mrs. M. Darbyshire which can be seen from the link below "Landlords" on Board 8. It's too late for suggestions on the layout but any more info will be gratefully accepted and if possible included here.

A complete transcription of the lease










Details from the Sale Particular 1803

Map of Great Harwood, c1800

Tenants in the surrounding area
Census Returns